Tanning Safety

SolarTrack has a number of features to help you take care of your customers and to ensure that they do not overexpose themselves to tanning equipment.

For instance, as soon a new client registers in your salon, the software can automatically print out a customer disclaimer form to warn them of the potential dangers of overexposure to UV/laser radiation, etc.

You can also enter the client's doctor and doctor's contact details into the database should they have an accident whilst using your salon. In addition to this, SolarTrack gives you the ability to select the client's skin type from a drop-down list of custom-defined options.

Also, to ensure that your staff check the age of the clients they are serving, SolarTrack provides you with a place to type the client's date of birth and will calculate the age for you. If the client's age is under the recommended minimum, the age goes bold and red to warn you.

If this client is under the recommended minimum, SolarTrack also warns you at the point of making the sale. Your staff can then take the appropriate action, such as refusing to serve the client, asking for parental consent, requesting a doctor's letter, etc.

To ensure that you serve the correct client and do not accidentally use the wrong client's account, SolarTrack can store a digital colour photograph of each customer. You and your staff can use this facility as a visual reference to ensure that you have the correct record.

SolarTrack also gives you the ability to set up a safety policy in your salon, which prevents clients from exceeding recommended limits. You can set the system to allow, prevent or warn whenever a customer attempts to exceed the limit.

Finally, if you connect SolarTrack up to your tanning equipment (see here for more details), then the system will automatically switch the tanning units on and off at the correct time. In addition, SolarTrack prevents your staff from accidentally switching on a tanning unit for more time than the client has requested, as an additional safety feature.