Queue manager

SolarTrack has an automatic management system, which helps you to keep an eye on the queue building up in your shop during busy periods. The system immediately tells you which customer is next in the queue so that there are no arguments!

If required, it is possible to relocate the clients to different tanning equipment at any time in the queue. This means that you can improve your overall service to the customer and appear more efficient.

The essential details of each customer are available in the queue manager so you don't need to go to previous screens for information or ask the client information:

Membership number

Client name

Time of original appointment

Time the client arrived

Arrival status: late, early or on time

Session code and duration

Time they have been waiting

The queue manager is smart - it constantly monitors the activity on each tanning device so that it can instantly recommend your next course of action. It even reminds you to clean the tanning equipment in between each session.

As an additional feature, the device controller and queue manager can automatically play audible messages to you through your computers speaker's to inform you when tanning equipment is switched on or off, when it is ready for the next client and when it must be cleaned.